Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fruit Tarts

This past Friday was Cameron's helper day at school.
Which means that I get to come in and spend her whole school day with her and the other kiddos.
I love it!
Each parent is designated one day of the month.
And on your day you get to bring a healthy snack for the little ones to enjoy.
And you know me, I had to make something, slightly healthy, but also fun.
And I love fruit pizzas.
I'm sure you've tried fruit pizza before.
But for a little kid, a big slice might be too big, and a little too messy.
So I thought tarts were the perfect size, and hopefully to help control the mess a little.
Eh, I'm not sure if this was true for the latter, but they sure were yummy.

 My awesome husband had the great idea of putting them in cupcake liners 
so that this could help with the mess.
Once again not so sure it helped, but they were cute.

 These were super simple to make, and they were done within an hour.

*sugar cookie cookie dough
*cool whip
*cream cheese (8 oz.)
*and fruit of your choice

I found out 3 year olds are hesitant on trying Kiwi. 
Most of them hadn't tried it yet at this point in their life, and so that was a no no,
but if they were brave enough to try it, they loved it.

Anyways, it was super easy to make.
Press cookie dough into cupcake tins. 
I used the amount in one tin that you would use to make one cookie.
Use a tart punch to punch down the center, or use your fingers.
Mix cream cheese, and cool whip in mixer until smooth.
Cut up fruit and decorate as you wish.
Super easy, and yummy too.

Have fun baking,
and thanks for stopping by
Through Betsy's Looking Glass!

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